Virtual Ward, Crisis Response Team and MDTs - Elly Gyiman

The Sutton Virtual Ward offers ‘wrap-around’ support to people in their homes ensuring they can receive care that meets their needs in a timely fashion with the aim of reducing the need for avoidable hospital admission. Suitable for patients with: Covid-19; Frailty; and Long-term conditions.

Support is provided by a multidisciplinary team (MDT) of St Helier Hospital consultants, specialist community health and care professionals who with the patient’s GP, work together to virtually to coordinate the best wrap-around care for patients that have been admitted to the virtual ward.

In the first three months of the service alone we saw:

  • 186 patients admitted for either higher acuity remote monitoring (>25%), lower acuity pulse oximetry or complex MDTs
  • 23 GPs attend virtual ward rounds
  • 15 GP practices participate
  • 10 hospital consultants attend

In October we reached 47 virtual ward rounds in one week!