Vaccinations Service – Angharad Ball & David Wyatt

Sutton PCNs have been responsible setting up several COVID-19 vaccination sites. For example, in November 2020 Sutton PCNs agreed to be included in the first wave of COVID-9 vaccination services. It was a tough task to achieve in a short period and required our local practices, voluntary sector, CCG, Council and other partners to work effectively together. We were pleased that the site at Nonsuch Mansion was one of the best performing in South West London. In addition, we have supported practices to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations from their own premises. More recently we have set up two sits in Sutton to provide COVID-19 booster jabs. We have taken a unique approach to provide health checks, links to social prescribing, links to local voluntary sector activities to help support the general care and wellbeing of our local population.