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Population Health


Population Health can be very broadly defined as “the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within a group”. While access to traditional care services plays an important part in determining the health and wellbeing of a population, evidence suggests that this is not as important as the social determinants of health – that is, the conditions in which people are born, live and work including the influence of local environment and lifestyle. It is suggested that at least 70% of the determinants of health are social and not medical in origin meaning that improving population health requires efforts to change living and working conditions across communities and that accountability for population health should be spread widely and not concentrated within the boundaries of traditional health and social care.


In September we hosted a Population Health Summit attended by all of our key partners as well as community groups or organisations. The Population Health Summit was our first public step on our Population Health journey and was warmly welcomed. We now need to drive the Population Heath Agenda in line with the ten basic principles that sit behind successful Population Health initiatives. These are that we:

  • Are aware of relevant national and local strategic drivers for the population
  • Are working towards the outcomes that residents want
  • Have the data, including community insight, we need to make decisions and plan for our population, and, we have identified different groups we need to consider and target, including people at high risk of poor health and wellbeing
  • Generate sufficient community involvement in our work Secure the right partners around the table
  • Ensure sufficient front-line staff involvement in our work
  • Make sure our activities sufficiently take into account residents' social determinants of health
  • Ensure parity around physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Ensure our activities support healthy living
  • Ensure our activities support self care/self management

We are working hard to ensure that we work to these principles and as mentioned previously, in September we hosted a Sutton Population Health Summit for key partners and community agents at which we shared our plans and began to capture feedback and engagement.