Our Services

  • GP Extended Access
  • Cervical Smear Service
  • Skin Lesion Service
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Project
  • GP Home Visiting
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Vaccinations Service
  • Social Prescribing
  • Wellbeing Hub
  • Virtual Ward, Crisis Response Team and MDTs
  • Care Homes Enhanced Service
  • Medicines Optimisation

Home Visiting Service

The growing population, demand for appointments and movement of services from hospitals to primary care continues to increase pressure on general practice. Home visits are a core requirement for general practice, especially for those people who are housebound, deemed high risk, frail or vulnerable. However, home visits take considerable time and GPs usually must fit them around in other clinical commitments.

The Home Visiting Service (HVS) is an important service for Sutton patients and practices. This service is intended to provide practices and patients with a same day and rapid access/acute (within 2 hours) home visiting solution. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic it provided home visits to patients with COVID symptoms to support their care and effective management of the virus. Since its inception the service has moved from a GP led to a paramedic led model.

This service supports GPs to continue to support their acutely unwell patients, housebound, patients deemed high risk, frail or vulnerable.

GP Extended Access including (Cervical Screening & Nasal Flu Immunisations)

The public value GP services, but in recent years patients have increasingly reported, through the GP Patient Survey, more difficulty in accessing services including a decline in good overall experience of making an appointment in general practice.

However, good access is not just about getting an appointment when patients need it. It is also about access to the right person, providing the right care, in the right place at the right time.

The Extended Access Service is crucial to:

  • ensure everyone has easier and more convenient access to GP services, including appointments at evening and weekends;
  • get the best outcomes we possibly can.

Sutton has two extended access hubs located in Robin Hood Lane and the Wrythe Green Surgery. The services provide access to patient weekday evenings 18:30 to 20:00 and 08:00-20:00 on the weekends. This includes 08:00-20:00 bank holiday provision with the expectation that the service is a 365 day a year service. Patient satisfaction for the service remains. During the COVID-19 pandemic the Extended Access hubs set up ‘hot clinics’ for patients with suspected COVID-19 symptoms; this was done at short notice and demonstrates the dedication and responsiveness of our clinical team.

To support better patient access for cervical screening and improve uptake, Sutton PCNs were successful in securing additional funding from RM Partners to deliver cervical screening clinics on weekends. Furthermore, we have been administering nasal flu vaccination to young children to support busy parents to access this important service for their children.


Sutton PCNs have been responsible setting up several COVID-19 vaccination sites. For example, in November 2020 Sutton PCNs agreed to be included in the first wave of COVID-9 vaccination services. It was a tough task to achieve in a short period and required our local practices, voluntary sector, CCG, Council and other partners to work effectively together. We were pleased that the site at Nonsuch Mansion was one of the best performing in South West London. In addition, we have supported practices to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations from their own premises. More recently we have set up two sits in Sutton to provide COVID-19 booster jabs. We have taken a unique approach to provide health checks, links to social prescribing, links to local voluntary sector activities to help support the general care and wellbeing of our local population.

Home Visiting Service

This national programme is being funded by NHSE/I for people diagnosed with hypertension to allow treatment to be optimised where necessary. Home blood pressure monitoring has been identified as a priority for CVD management during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. To ensure that patients who are vulnerable to becoming seriously ill with COVID, can manage their hypertension well and remotely, without the need to attend GP appointments.

We are pleased that all 23 of our practices have agreed to support this project and that patients can receive their own BP machine and become experts in monitoring and managing their hypertension with effective support from clinicians.

Community Skin Lesion Clinics

The Skin Lesion Service commenced in April 2019 and since its inception has seen approximately 1000 patients and prevented more than 5% urgent referrals to the hospital. This is a service which is valued by our GPs and Patients alike - who appreciate its rapid response and high quality care. It also provides opportunities for GPs with a special interest to practice and develop their dermatology skills.

We are hoping to develop this service in the future to support patients and practices with a wider range of dermatologic and minor surgery needs.

Virtual Ward/MDTs

The Sutton Virtual Ward offers ‘wrap-around’ support to people in their homes ensuring they can receive care that meets their needs in a timely fashion with the aim of reducing the need for avoidable hospital admission. Suitable for patients with: Covid-19; Frailty; and Long-term conditions.

Support is provided by a multidisciplinary team (MDT) of St Helier Hospital consultants, specialist community health and care professionals who with the patient’s GP, work together to virtually to coordinate the best wrap-around care for patients that have been admitted to the virtual ward.

In the first three months of the service alone we saw:

  • 186 patients admitted for either higher acuity remote monitoring (>25%), lower acuity pulse oximetry or complex MDTs
  • 23 GPs attend virtual ward rounds
  • 15 GP practices participate
  • 10 hospital consultants attend

In October we reached 47 virtual ward rounds in one week!