Community Education Provider Network

Community Education Provider Network (CEPN), represents a borough-wide learning network of providers that facilitate the delivery of training and education within the community.

The core function of a CEPN is to design, develop and deliver a workforce that will lead to sustainable improvements in the health and well-being of the population it serves.

In addition to co-ordinating training, the CEPN is responsible for delivering several other key functions, such as:

  • Workforce planning
  • Education quality
  • Developing local education capacity and capability
  • Responding to local workforce needs
  • Workforce development
  • Education programme co-ordination

The Sutton CEPN is part of the Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCG) and is responsible for the organisation and co-ordination of primary care workforce development and transformation activities. 

Funded by Health Education England, the CEPN has nationally defined objectives relating to Six Core CEPN objectives: increasing community placements, supporting workforce development, workforce transformation, building the CEPN network, workforce planning/ future workforce and multi-professional training.

The Sutton CEPN Steering group meets every two months with the GP Federation taking an active role to enable ​every opportunity for practices to participate in workforce development and transformation. 

Sutton CEPN forms a part of a wider collaboration of CEPNs in South London contributing to initiatives such as: medical assistants, clinical pharmacists in primary care, paramedics in primary care, GPN programme and GP Forward View initiatives.

For further information on the Sutton CEPN please contact Sarah Kavanagh at

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