About Sutton GP Services Limited

Providing safe and robust healthcare to the people of Sutton

Sutton GP Services Limited (SGPS) is a GP Federation, set up to provide quality healthcare for the residents in Sutton. The organisation was formed in February 2015, in response to the growing need for change and collaborative working within General Practice. SGPS is made up of 23 local practices who are passionate about providing robust healthcare for the population of Sutton.

The key aim of SGPS is to bring healthcare services closer to patient’s homes, and has managed to achieve this, by working very closely with all its partners in Sutton and its surroundings and are therefore available to all patients registered. Most of the services we provide, are commissioned by our key South West London Clinical Commissioning Group (SWLCCG), making it eligible to all patients registered with a GP practice in Sutton.

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