About The Sutton Primary Care Networks

Better care, more quickly, in ways people can access it, closer to where they live

Sutton Primary Care Networks is the collaborative vehicle for the four Sutton PCNs and the former Sutton GP Federation working together as a single entity. We are a Community Interest Company that aims to reinvest surpluses back into general practice and primary care for the benefit of our members and the people who form the communities we serve.

Sutton has four PCNs whose boundaries are based on historical relationships and groupings of organisations. There are some similarities of resident’s health and care need’s unique to a particular PCN, and many more needs that are shared across all four PCNs.

Our four PCNs, represent all 23 GP surgeries in Sutton. Their collective footprints cover all of the London Borough of Sutton and its residents who are able to access and benefit from the services and improvements offered by Primary Care Networks.

Central Sutton PCN - Four practices located around Central Sutton which are: Mulgrave Road; Old Court House; Robin Hood Lane and Grove Road; covering around 45,000 patients.

Carshalton PCN – Seven practices serving Carshalton and Hackbridge which include: Chesser Practice; Bishopsford Road; Wrythe Green; Sutton Medical Centre; Hackbridge Medical Centre; Faccini House and Green Wrythe; serving just under 60,000 patients.

Cheam and South Sutton PCN – Four practices serving Cheam and South Sutton which are: Benhilll and Belmont; Cheam GP Centre; Cheam Family Practice; and James O’Riordan; serving just under 50,000 patients.

Wallington PCN – Eight Practices serving 60,000 patients in Wallington and Carshalton Beeches which are: Maldon Road; Shotfield; Manor Practice; Wallington Family Practice; The Beeches; Wallington Medical Centre; Park Road and Carshalton Fields.

The key aim of the Sutton PCNs is to bring better, quicker and more accessible healthcare services closer to patient’s homes. We are working hard to deliver on this aim by working very closely with all our partners in Sutton and its surroundings. Most of the services we provide, are commissioned by our key South West London Clinical Commissioning Group (SWLCCG) with whom we work closely at a local and ICS level.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

As PCNs and GP practices, our common purpose is to provide:

"equitable, high quality, integrated health and care that allows the people of Sutton to live the best quality of life"

Our guiding principles are that we will strive to:

  • Co design and produce services with our neighbourhoods and partners
  • Build and support a diverse, engaged and skilled workforce
  • Reduce health inequalities and develop person centred care through a population health approach
  • Collaborate and lead the development of a resilient, sustainable local eco- system
  • Subsidiarity – we will focus on local where possible, at scale across Sutton where necessary.

Our core values, which are shared amongst the PCNs, our staff and our partners , are:

  • People – The delivery of people centred care is our top priority
  • Enable – we will work collaboratively to enable people focused change
  • Open – Openness and respect will be the foundation of how we work
  • Professional – we will provide an environment where learning, education and development drive the quality of our work – fostering a no blame culture.
  • Leadership – we will lead by example
  • Equity, Integrity, fairness, and professionalism matter to us

Our strategic aims are focused on the three ‘Ps’:

Our patients

  • Equality of care for all people in Sutton without boundaries
  • Improve the quality and experience of care for the people of Sutton
  • Involve our communities wherever we can

Our population

  • Be innovative and shift the focus to prevention and proactive care
  • Together act on the social determinants of health through tackling lifestyle and behaviour change
  • Create the effective estate we need to serve our populations

Our people

  • We will be well governed and led, as well as being a sustainable organisation
  • Support and sustain GP practices and PCNs
  • Develop our workforce, focus on training, development and frontline culture and collaboration

Our approach will be:

  • Clinically led - with joint responsibility for our communities’ health and well-being
  • Data driven – driving our common narrative for change at PCN and Place level
  • Community inspired - using co production and asset-based approaches (user insights-based approach important – both direct and via HealthWatch)
  • Based on budgets aligned to priorities - with rigorous governance and accountability
  • Entirely collaborative – allowing us to work smarter and as an ecosystem in each neighbourhood this developing our relationships and resilience